Snacks Of Choice 7/17-7/23

Posted on Jul 17, 2017

Who am I kidding?  We all love snacks, right?  I think snacks are an essential part of any day.  I will admit that there are some days when I don’t necessarily need a snack in between my meals, but those days are few and far between!   I mean, come on, with so many incredible THM-friendly snacks out there, why not try a few or more!!


I thought it would be fun to write a blog post and tell you, my readers, what I plan on having for snacks this week.  There are so many meal plans from some great people and I have used many of those plans for my family!  One of my favorite places to go for simple meal plan ideas is Darcie’s Dishes.  Darcie has made up an incredible amount of meal plans that she uses for herself and her own family!  Check her out.

My full intention for this post is to keep me accountable to myself…if I’m going to be completely honest!  I enjoy writing out meal plans for the week, but most times I don’t add the snacks, so if I don’t shop for snacks or ingredients to make snacks, what does that mean?  Most generally it means that when I get a snack craving, I could be reaching for the wrong thing since I did not plan properly!  Does that make sense?

I will be giving you several ideas for your week!  Many of these snacks are quick and easy…no need to overthink this!  Really, the main thing to remember is making sure you get enough protein at snack time too!!  (I may or may not re-use a few of these)



Snack Ideas

-Deli chicken or turkey breast wrapped pickles (I usually wrap a pickle spear up with 3 slices of turkey breast…less if the slices are big) (Fuel Pull)

-Hard boiled eggs and a few cucumber slices dipped in on-plan Ranch (S Fuel)

-1 slice of sprouted toast with low-fat laughing cow cheese and Polaner strawberry jelly.  My protein would be a couple hard boiled egg whites (E fuel)

Milk chocolate pudding by Briana Thomas (Deep S)

Peanut butter cookie dough bites (S Fuel)

-Choco big boy smoothie (Fuel Pull)

Loaded chicken & avocado salad (S Fuel)

Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt with berries (Fuel Pull)

-Tuna salad with chopped hard boiled eggs and pickles (S Fuel)

-Vanilla or coconut cream 000 greek yogurt and sliced strawberries (Fuel Pull)

Unique sprouted pretzels dipped in almond butter (Crossover, but oh so yummy!!)


I hope you enjoy having some different snack options here.  There are literally thousands of ideas out there, but it’s fun to know what I myself will try to plan to eat for the week!!


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