Taking a Break

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while.  It’s been quite the busy past few weeks.  I wanted to share a little bit of what’s been going on in my mind lately.

I started my THM recipe blogging journey several months ago and have really enjoyed it!  It has always been a small dream of mine to share healthy recipes with people, and blogging seemed to be my venue to do so.  I have not been as active in posting new recipes as often as I’d like in recent weeks for various reasons.  One reason being that I have an allergy to xylitol and erythritol.  Those were my go-to sweeteners for thm desserts, so when I discovered that I was allergic…let’s just say it’s been somewhat discouraging.  I know, as a fellow trim healthy mama, that most women love their chocolates, desserts, baked good, etc. (atleast I do).  I thought I could keep baking with those sweeteners every once in a while, but what’s fun about baking them and not being able to taste-test the final product?  I’ve decided to quit using those sweeteners altogether.  Now, I still use plain stevia for my coffee, ggms and other beverages.

So what does this have to do with taking a break?  I live on a college campus where my husband works and we are almost constantly busy with events, especially in the spring semester.  We travel most weekends and mostly all summer, and I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 lively little boys.  I look on at other bloggers out there who blog for a living, while taking care of household chores, feed their family and be there for their kids every single day.  I commend those people for being so active in their super busy lives!!  In some ways I was starting to feel overwhelmed with having to post a new thm-friendly recipe once a week or so.  I felt like I had to keep up with the rest of my thm blogger friends.

I am in no way giving up the thm lifestyle…I believe it truly helps so many people get back on track with their health as well as weight loss!  But I was almost feeling in bondage to thm.  Let me explain…I can stay at home and prepare my own food, yes, and I do my best when I am in someone’s home for a meal.  I am not going to tell people how to cook for me, so I eat whatever is put before me.  It has bothered me in the past when people couldn’t even leave their house for fear of eating something “off-plan”.  When I’m with a crowd of friends and eating off-plan food (because that is what was being served), they teasingly ask “is that thm?”.  I don’t usually let that bother me, because everyone knows I try to eat on the healthy side.  And if my only food choice is not so healthy, well, I guess I could just not eat and starve, right?  Ha!  No, of course not!  Smaller portions will be just fine for me and I can still lose weight (I’ve done it before!!!)  I’m just being honest with you all…I sometimes eat off plan when I travel with our college choir or when we travel with our college singing groups all across America every summer.  There are some things you just can’t help.  Grace can be abused if we just eat unhealthy every single day, but when you are making the best decisions for your body, that’s all we can do.

My husband reminds me frequently that we have to live realistically.  We can’t live in a cave and never go out because everything out there is bad for us.  I’ve always been an extreme person when it came to what my family eats.  It’s either eat ALL healthy, absolutely NO sugar or junk food of any kind in the house or the it’s the total opposite.  I think I have found a good balance in recent years.  I am very careful how much sweets my kids consume.  We allow them some things every now and then…they are kids after all!  But we have a system that works great when they receive candy from people.  Every time they fill a quart jar with candy, we give them some money.  More importantly, I’m teaching them the principles of what sugar can do to their bodies and their teeth.

I could write so much more, but I’ve rambled on enough. I want all of you who follow my blog or Facebook page to know that we all have to do what’s best for our own bodies.  Before thm I lost around 20 pounds just eating healthy and exercising.  Forming good eating and exercise habits takes discipline.  I have gained a few pounds recently and I really need to focus on ME for a while!  In the hustle and bustle of blogging and testing recipes (along with the normal everyday routine) , I have lost track of what I need to do to help myself lose weight and be healthy!  I need to focus more on God and be what He wants me to be.  By the way, I will still be sharing my old recipes, other THM blogger recipes, words of encouragement and tips/tricks on my Facebook page, Country Girl Cookin, so be watching!  Thanks for following me.

I hope to return soon, but for now, stay true to God, your family and YOU!!!   L0ve you guys!!

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